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    Bembereke AirportDBBR small1188 ft362 mBembereke  wiki map
    Cadjehoun AirportDBBBCOOmedium19 ft5 mCotonou A/G 658.6 APP 125.9 TWR 118.7 TWR 125.906-24 7874x148ft 2399x45m elev 16-13ft Asphalt Lights
    wiki map
    Cana AirportDBBC small548 ft167 mBohicon  wiki map
    Djougou AirportDBBDDJAsmall1480 ft451 mDjougou  wiki map
    Kandi AirportDBBKKDCsmall951 ft289 mKandi  wiki map
    Natitingou AirportDBBNNAEsmall1512 ft460 mNatitingou  wiki map
    Parakou AirportDBBPPKOsmall1266 ft385 mParakou 04-22 5249ft 1599m elev 1237-1263ft Unknown
    wiki map
    Porga AirportDBBO small531 ft161 mPorga  wiki map
    Savé AirportDBBSSVFsmall597 ft181 mSavé  wiki map
    Tankaro AirportBJ-0001 small  Parakou    map
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