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    1-100 101-200 201-300 301-400 401-500 501-600 601-700 701-800 801-900 901-1000 1001-1100 1101-1200 1201-1300 1301-1400 1401-1500 1501-1600 1601-1700 1701-1800 1801-1900 1901-2000 2001-2100 2101-2200 2201-2300 2301-2400 2401-2500 2501-2600 2601-2700 2701-2793
    "Milford ""Heliport"" (PPR)"CA-0409 heliport  Prince Edward County    map
    "Sundance Guest Ranch ""C"" Airport"CA-0028 closed  Ashcroft    map
    1669 Diamondview Road Private StripCA-0043 small  Carp    map
    1797 Diamondview Road Private StripCA-0062 small  Carp    map
    Abbotsford (Regional Hospital & Cancer Centre) HeliportCA-CAB5 heliport287 ft87 mAbbotsford    map
    Abbotsford (Sumas Mountain)csm7 heliport1067 ft325 m     map
    Abbotsford (Teck)CTK8 heliport165 ft50 m     map
    Abbotsford AirportCYXXYXXmedium195 ft59 mAbbotsford A/D 132.7 A/G 119.4 ATIS 119.8 GND 121.8 RDO 122.5 TWR 119.401-19 5328x200ft 1623x60m elev 168-181ft Asphalt Lights
    01L-19R 1500x100ft 457x30m Grass Lights
    07-25 9600x200ft 2926x60m elev 167-194ft Concrete Lights
    Aberdeen Hospital HeliportCNG2 heliport75 ft22 mNew Glasgow  wiki map
    Acme AirportCEG2 closed3035 ft925 mAcme 07-25 1400x75ft 426x22m Turf
    13-31 2800x100ft 853x30m Turf
    wiki map
    Active Pass Lighthouse HeliportCA-0636 heliport24 ft7 mMayne Island    map
    Addenbroke Island Lightstation HelipadCA-0661 heliport28 ft8 mAddenbroke Island    map
    Aerosmith Heli Service HeliportCAS5 heliport282 ft85 mQualicum Beach   wwwmap
    Agnes Lake AirportCA-0017 closed  Agnes Lake    map
    Aguanish Seaplane BaseCTQ3 seaplane_base  Aguanish  wiki map
    Airdrie AirportCEF4 small3648 ft1111 mAirdrie UNIC 122.904-22 2914x100ft 888x30m Gravel
    10-28 2926x100ft 891x30m Asphalt
    12-30 5000x100ft 1524x30m elev 3653-3650ft Asphalt Lights
    16-34 2918x100ft 889x30m Gravel
    wiki map
    Aishihik AirportCA-0018 closed  Aishihik    map
    Ajax (Pickering General Hospital) HeliportCPE2 heliport300 ft91 mAjax Ambulance Dispat 129.275   map
    Ajax / Picov DownsCA-0467 closed       map
    Aklavik Seaplane BaseCER6 seaplane_base7 ft2 mAklavik  wiki map
    Aklavik/Freddie Carmichael AirportCYKDLAKmedium23 ft7 mAklavik ATF 122.1 RDO 122.112-30 3000x75ft 914x22m GRVL
    13-31 3000x75ft 914x22m elev 19-20ft Gravel Lights
    wiki map
    Akulivik AirportCYKOAKVmedium75 ft22 mAkulivik ATF 122.1 INFO 122.1 RDO 126.708-26 3510x100ft 1069x30m elev 41-75ft Gravel Lights
    wiki map
    Alban AirportCFR5 small700 ft213 mFrench River  wiki map
    Alberni Valley Regional AirportCBS8YPBsmall250 ft76 mPort Alberni ATF 12312-30 3952x75ft 1204x22m elev 247-229ft Asphalt
    Albert Bay AirportCA-0019 closed       map
    Aldergrove (Hicks) HeliportCHK2 closed300 ft91 mAldergrove    map
    Alert AirportCYLTYLTmedium100 ft30 mAlert OPS 56805T-23T 5500x150ft 1676x45m elev 100-96ft Gravel Lights
    wiki map
    Alert Bay AirportCYALYALmedium240 ft73 mAlert Bay 09-27 2900x75ft 883x22m ASPHALT
    wiki map
    Alert Bay Seaplane BaseCBC3 seaplane_base       map
    Alexandria AerodromeCNS4 small260 ft79 mAlexandria ATF 123.207-25 2020x100ft 615x30m Turf
    wiki map
    Alexis Creek AirportCA-0639 closed2300 ft701 mAlexis Creek    map
    Algar Tower AirportCA-0020 closed       map
    Algoma Mills Seaplane BaseCPN6 seaplane_base602 ft183 m     map
    Alhambra / Ahlstrom AirportCAM4 small3212 ft979 mAlhambra CTAF 122.809-27 2500x60ft 762x18m Turf
    wiki map
    Alhambra / Ahlstrom HeliportCA-0445 heliport3212 ft979 m  CTAF 122.8   map
    Alice Arm/Silver City Seaplane BaseCAC3ZAAclosed0 ft0 m   wiki map
    Alida/Cowan Farm Private AerodromeCCF7 small1869 ft569 mAlida  wiki map
    Allan Dale Residence HeliportCAD2 heliport3248 ft989 mRed Deer    map
    Allan Dale Trailers & RV HeliportCAD3 heliport2930 ft893 mRed Deer    map
    Alliford Bay Seaplane BaseCBE7 seaplane_base       map
    Alliston (Stevenson Memorial Hospital) HeliportCPZ2 heliport750 ft228 mAlliston    map
    Alliston AirportCNY4 small720 ft219 mAlliston CTAF 123.218-36 2300x50ft 701x15m TURF/SNOW Lights
    wiki map
    Alliston HeliportCPJ2 heliport760 ft231 mAlliston    map
    Alma (Rivière La Grande Décharge) Seaplane BaseCGD2 seaplane_base227 ft69 mAlma  wiki map
    Alma AirportCYTFYTFmedium445 ft135 mAlma A/D 127.2 AAS 121.2 UNIC 12313-31 4300x100ft 1310x30m elev 429-445ft Asphalt Lights
    wiki map
    Almonte (General Hospital)US-0243 heliport440 ft134 m     map
    Alta HeliportCWD2 heliport733 ft223 mCollingwood    map
    Altona Municipal AirportCJL6 small806 ft245 mAltona ATF 123.208-26 2000x80ft 609x24m Grass
    17-35 3248x75ft 989x22m Asphalt Lights
    wiki map
    Amaranth AirstripCA-0700 closed       map
    Amber Tower AirportCA-0021 closed       map
    Amherst AirportCA-0688 closed69 ft21 mAmherst  wiki map
    Amherst HeliportCCB3 heliport99 ft30 mAmherst    map
    Amos (Lac Figuery) Seaplane BaseCSC6 seaplane_base       map
    Amos/Magny AirportCYEYYEYmedium1068 ft325 mAmos CNTR 125.9 RDO 126.7 UNIC 122.814-32 5000x100ft 1524x30m elev 1068-1048ft Asphalt Lights
    wiki map
    Amphitrite Point HeliportCA-0579 heliport73 ft22 mAmphitrite Point    map
    Anahim Lake AirportCAJ4YAAsmall3635 ft1107 mAnahim Lake ATF 122.806-24 2738x100ft 834x30m Gravel
    13-31 3930x75ft 1197x22m elev 3615-3635ft Asphalt
    wiki map
    Anama Bay-Dauphin River AirportCA-0022 closed       map
    Anchor 9 Ranch AirportCBR9 small4266 ft1300 mBottrel  wiki map
    Anderson Point AirportCA-0023 closed       map
    Anderson Ranch AirportCA-0024 closed       map
    Andrew AirportCEJ2 closed2060 ft627 mAndrew  wiki map
    Anglemont AirportCA-0025 closed  Anglemont    map
    Antigonish (St. Martha's Regional Hospital) HeliportCDY5 heliport70 ft21 mAntigonish    map
    Antler AirportCA-0599 closed1850 ft563 mAntler    map
    Anzac (Long Lake) HeliportCNZ2 heliport1612 ft491 m     map
    Apple River AirportCCA7 closed135 ft41 mApple River 09-27 2500x50ft 762x15m Turf
    wiki map
    Appleton FieldCAP9 small3080 ft938 mStrathmore  wiki map
    April Point Seaplane BaseYQJYQJseaplane_base  Quadra Island    map
    Aquila Field AirportCA-0246 closed  Mount Albert    map
    Arborfield AirportCJM6 small1183 ft360 mArborfield 17-35 2400x100ft 731x30m Turf
    wiki map
    Arborg AirportCJU6 small765 ft233 mArborg 08-26 2500x45ft 762x13m Turf
    17-35 3250x100ft 990x30m Turf
    wiki map
    Arcola AirportCJA7 small1985 ft605 mArcola  wiki map
    Arctic Bay AirportCYABYABsmall72 ft21 mArctic Bay MF 122.113-31 3935x98ft 1199x29m Gravel Lights
    wiki map
    Arctic Red River Seaplane BaseCES6 seaplane_base       map
    Argus HeliportCRG2 heliport1894 ft577 mKelowna    map
    Arichat (St. Anne Ladies Auxiliary Hospital) HeliportCDT3 heliport70 ft21 mArichat    map
    Arkayla Springs AirportCKY8 small4000 ft1219 mCochrane  wiki map
    Armour Heights FieldCA-0483 closed  Toronto  wiki map
    Armstrong AirportCYYWYYWmedium1058 ft322 mArmstrong ATF 122.812-30 4000x100ft 1219x30m elev 1048-1056ft Asphalt Lights
    18-36 2940x100ft 896x30m elev 1056-1058ft Asphalt
    wiki map
    Armstrong HeliportCPE9 heliport1125 ft342 mArmstrong    map
    Armstrong Seaplane BaseCJF6 seaplane_base1120 ft341 m     map
    Armstrong/Waweig Lake Seaplane BaseCKN6 closed1025 ft312 m   wiki map
    Arnes AirportCJQ5 closed725 ft220 mArnes 14-32 2900x80ft 883x24m GRAVEL/TURF
    wiki map
    Arnprior AirportCNP3 small358 ft109 mArnprior A/D 124.275 UNIC 122.704-22 2600x150ft 792x45m Asphalt
    10-28 3955x75ft 1205x22m elev 353-345ft Asphalt Lights
    16-34 2500x50ft 762x15m elev 348-349ft Gravel
    Arnprior Seaplane BaseCNB5 seaplane_base330 ft100 mArnprior    map
    Arnstein AirportCNR9 small745 ft227 mArnstein 03-21 1850x100ft 563x30m Turf
    wiki map
    Arthur (Arthur South)CAR5 small1530 ft466 m  CTAF 123.405-23 1650x75ft 502x22m Turf
    Arthur (Damascus Field)CDF6 small1580 ft481 m     map
    Arthur (Metz Field)CMZ2 small1525 ft464 mArthur ATF 123.405-23 1100x40ft 335x12m turf
    14-32 1800x60ft 548x18m turf
    Arthur (Peskett Field)CPK9 small1555 ft473 m  CTAF 123.405-23 2400x60ft 731x18m Turf
    Arthur (Walter's Field)CPC3 small1550 ft472 mArthur East CTAF 123.403-21 1750x250ft 533x76m Turf
    05-23 1900x330ft 579x100m Turf
    12-30 2650x200ft 807x60m Turf
    14-32 2800x300ft 853x91m Turf
    17-35 2550x170ft 777x51m Turf
    wiki map
    Arthur North AirportCA-0026 closed1576 ft480 mArthur    map
    Artopex Plus HeliportCTR4 heliport295 ft89 mGranby    map
    Arviat AirportCYEKYEKmedium32 ft9 mArviat AWOS 128.7 RDO 122.115T-33T 4000x100ft 1219x30m elev 32-29ft Gravel Lights
    wiki map
    Arviat Water AerodromeCRV8 seaplane_base20 ft6 mArviat  wiki map
    Asbestos AirportCA-0027 closed528 ft160 mAsbestos    map
    Ashern AirportCJE7 small976 ft297 mAshern 14-32 2500x90ft 762x27m Turf
    wiki map
    Assiniboia AirportCJN4 small2370 ft722 mAssiniboia 08-26 2950x150ft 899x45m ASPHALT
    13-31 2850x150ft 868x45m ASPHALT
    wiki map
    Athabasca AirportCYWM small1971 ft600 mAthabasca ATF 123.216-34 4000x100ft 1219x30m elev 1966-1971ft Asphalt Lights
    Atikokan General Hospital HelipadCKF3 heliport1285 ft391 mAtikokan    map
    1-100 101-200 201-300 301-400 401-500 501-600 601-700 701-800 801-900 901-1000 1001-1100 1101-1200 1201-1300 1301-1400 1401-1500 1501-1600 1601-1700 1701-1800 1801-1900 1901-2000 2001-2100 2101-2200 2201-2300 2301-2400 2401-2500 2501-2600 2601-2700 2701-2793
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