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    Ahmed Al Jaber Air BaseOKAJXIJmedium409 ft124 mAhmed Al Jaber AB  wiki map
    Al Abdaliyah Highway StripZ19M small330 ft100 mAl Abdaliyah    map
    Ali Al Salem Air BaseOKAS medium472 ft143 m  APP 128.3 GND 25.01 PMSV 37.272 POST 25.3 TWR 11812L-30R 9805x132ft 2988x40m elev 472-472ft Concrete
    12R-30L 9805x146ft 2988x44m elev 447-472ft Concrete Lights
    wiki map
    Kuwait International AirportOKBKKWIlarge206 ft62 mKuwait City APP 121.3 ATIS 126.225 GND 121.7 TWR 118.315L-33R 11483x148ft 3500x45m elev 161-206ft Asphalt Lights
    15R-33L 11155x148ft 3400x45m elev 134-170ft Concrete Lights
    Patton Army HeliportKW-0001 heliport168 ft51 mCamp Arifjan  wiki map
    Patton Army HeliportOK2A heliport168 ft51 mCamp Arifjan  wiki map
    Ras al-Qulayah Naval Base HeliportOKNB heliport30 ft9 mRas al-Qulayah Naval Base  wiki map
    Udairi Army Air FieldOKDI small430 ft131 mCamp Buehring APP 128.3 GND 145.25 OPS 44.125 PMSV 74.1 RDO 137.775 TWR 13018-36 5215x80ft 1589x24m elev 425-430ft Asphalt Lights
    wiki map
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