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    Al Khawr AirportOTBK small10 ft3 mAl Khawr TWR 120.4514-32 5249x98ft 1599x29m elev 10-10ft Asphalt
    Al Udeid Air BaseOTBHXJDmedium130 ft39 mAr Rayyan A/G 28.145 ACC 121.1 ATIS 123.75 GND 135.5 INFO 126.45 MISC 127.8 PMSV 39 POST 32.212 PTD 29.22 TWR 125.516-34 12303x148ft 3749x45m elev 130-125ft Asphalt Lights
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    As Salwa Border Post helipadQA-0002 heliport  As Salwa    map
    Banana Island HelipadQA-0003 heliport       map
    Doha International AirportOTBDDIAmedium35 ft10 mDoha APP 121.1 ATIS 126.45 GND 118.275 OPS 139.5 TWR 118.915-33 15000x151ft 4572x46m elev 35-25ft Asphalt Lights
    Hamad International AirportQA-0001DOHlarge13 ft3 mDoha ATIS 128.85 D-ATIS 126.85 DOHA APP RADAR 121.1 HAMAD TERM INFO 126.85 HAMAD Tower 118.52516L-34R 15912x197ft 4849x60m elev 12-12ft Asphalt Lights
    16R-34L 13944x197ft 4250x60m elev 12-12ft Asphalt Lights
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