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    Sudan Airports

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    Atbara AirportHSATATBsmall1181 ft359 mAtbara 01-19 5905ft 1799m elev 1196-1181ft Unknown
    wiki map
    Azaza AirportHSGFGSUsmall1640 ft499 mGedaref    map
    Baleela AirportBJEBJEsmall1690 ft515 mBaleela Base Camp    map
    Carthago AirportHSCG small3230 ft984 mCarthago  wiki map
    Carthago AirportSD-0005 small  Carthago    map
    Damazin AirportHSDZRSSsmall1582 ft482 mAd Damazin INFO 118.417-35 9020x148ft 2749x45m elev 1582-1580ft Asphalt Lights
    wiki map
    Dilling AirportHSDL small2206 ft672 mDilling  wiki map
    Dongola AirportHSDNDOGmedium772 ft235 mDongola TWR/APP 118.217-35 9843x148ft 3000x45m elev 771-773ft Asphalt Lights
    wiki map
    El Daein AirportADVADVsmall1560 ft475 mEl Daein  wiki map
    El Debba AirportHSDBEDBsmall843 ft256 mEl Debba 18-36 4595x100ft 1400x30m elev 824-831ft graded earth
    wiki map
    El Fasher AirportHSFSELFmedium2393 ft729 mEl Fasher TWR 127.305-23 9744x148ft 2969x45m elev 2386-2404ft Asphalt Lights
    18-36 5010x148ft 1527x45m Gravel
    wiki map
    El Obeid AirportHSOBEBDmedium1927 ft587 mAl-Ubayyid TWR 118.501-19 9843x148ft 3000x45m elev 1927-1899ft Asphalt Lights
    wiki map
    En Nahud AirportHSNHNUDsmall1955 ft595 mEn Nahud  wiki map
    Galegu AirportHSGGDNXsmall1640 ft499 mDinder  wiki map
    Geneina AirportHSGNEGNsmall2650 ft807 mGeneina 04-22 5305ft 1616m elev 2590-2611ft Unknown
    11-29 6194ft 1887m elev 2621-2618ft Unknown
    wiki map
    Gereida AirportSD-0004 small  Gereida    map
    Gogrial AirportHSGO small1640 ft499 mGogrial  wiki map
    Heglig AirportHSHGHEGsmall1325 ft403 mHeglig Oilfield    map
    Kadugli AirportHSLIKDXsmall1848 ft563 mKadugli INFO 120.706-24 8375x175ft 2552x53m elev 1848-1829ft Asphalt
    wiki map
    Kassala AirportHSKAKSLmedium1671 ft509 mKassala INFO 118.202-20 8202x148ft 2499x45m elev 1671-1667ft Asphalt Lights
    wiki map
    Khartoum International AirportHSSSKRTlarge1265 ft385 mKhartoum APP 124.7 EMR 121.9 North Area 125.4 South Area 127.3 TWR 119.218-36 9751x148ft 2972x45m elev 1265-1260ft Asphalt Lights
    wiki map
    Khashm El Girba AirportHSKGGBUsmall1560 ft475 mKhashm El Girba    map
    Kosti AirportHSKIKSTsmall1289 ft392 mKosti    map
    Kutum AirportSD-0003 small  Kutum    map
    Merowe AirportHSMR small864 ft263 mMerowe 02-20 4921ft 1499m elev 840-850ft Unknown
    Merowe New AirportHSMNMWEmedium897 ft273 mMerowe TWR 118.402-20 13124ft 4000m Asphalt Lights
    New Halfa AirportHSNWNHFsmall1480 ft451 mNew Halfa    map
    Nyala AirportHSNNUYLsmall2106 ft641 mNyala TWR 118.104-22 9880x148ft 3011x45m elev 2106-2100ft Asphalt Lights
    wiki map
    Port Sudan Air BaseHSSP small10 ft3 mPort Sudan    map
    Port Sudan New International AirportHSPNPZUmedium135 ft41 mPort Sudan TWR/APP 128.117-35 8202x148ft 2499x45m elev 135-136ft Asphalt Lights
    wiki map
    Shendi AirportHSND small1181 ft359 mShendi    map
    Songo AirstripSD-0006 small1813 ft552 mSongo    map
    Wad Medani AirportHSWDDNIsmall1350 ft411 mWad Medani  wiki map
    Wadi Halfa AirportHSSWWHFsmall961 ft292 mWadi Halfa 06-24 6562ft 2000m elev 902-965ft gravel
    wiki map
    Wadi Seidna Air BaseSD-0001 medium  Khartoum    map
    Zalengei HeliportSD-0002 heliport2955 ft900 mZalengei    map
    Zalingei AirportHSZAZLXsmall3020 ft920 mZalingei  wiki map
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