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    Akpaka AirportDXAK small689 ft210 mAtakpamé  wiki map
    Djangou AirportDXDP small886 ft270 mDapaong  wiki map
    Kolokope AirportDXKP small591 ft180 mAnié  wiki map
    Lomé-Tokoin AirportDXXXLFWmedium72 ft21 mLomé A/G 123.6 TWR 120.704-22 9847x148ft 3001x45m elev 61-63ft Asphalt Lights
    wiki map
    Niamtougou International AirportDXNGLRLmedium1515 ft461 mNiamtougou A/G 122.6 AFIS 658.6 TWR 118.303-21 8202x148ft 2499x45m elev 1499-1515ft Concrete Lights
    wiki map
    Sansanné-Mango AirportDXMG small460 ft140 mMango  wiki map
    Sokodé AirportDXSK small1214 ft370 mSokodé  wiki map
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